Our Services

  • Research airfares and make travel arrangements.

  • Escort you from the departure airport to your destination.

  • Handle wheelchair assistance.

  • Coordinate airport check-in.

  • Carry onboard luggage.

  • Guide you through an expedited security checkpoint.

  • Provide you with access to an airline lounge while waiting to board.*

  • Assist during boarding.

* The terms of the airline lounge will depend on the specific airline.
Elderly Flying Companions

Elderly Flying Assistance

  • Accompany you during the flight.

  • Provide onboard amenities (a pillow, games, and a DVD player with movies and music).

  • Assist with connecting flights.

  • Handle travel changes that become necessary because of delayed or canceled flights.

  • Assist with bathroom trips.

  • Retrieve luggage at baggage claim.

  • Keep friends or family members informed by phone or email during the trip.


Paid Air Travel Escort We are responsible chaperones, and offer you safe air traveling with a paid companion for child travel, elderly travel, impaired travel and disabled travel. If you are looking for a flying companion, contact us today.

  • Child Travel Companion
  • Disabled Travel Companion
  • Elderly Travel Companion
  • Impaired Travel COmpanion