Q: How much does this service cost?

A: Our fee will depend on the nature of the trip because each itinerary is different. Airfares are continually changing and will depend in part on how far in advance you book. In addition to your airfare, the cost will include the Flying Companion’s roundtrip airfare and any ground transportation or other expenses.

Q: How do I make the travel arrangements?

A: We will make the travel arrangements for you. We will research to find the best available airfares and other accommodations to meet your needs and will provide you with a quote.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Q: How do I know that I will be in good hands?

A: Our Flying Companions are experienced air travelers and former airline professionals who are fully insured. Each has passed an extensive background check. We can provide proof of insurance and references at your request.

Q: How do I get to or from the airport?

A: We can pick you up at your home or meet you at the departure airport. At the arrival airport we can meet your relative or friend or accompany you by ground transportation to your final destination.

Q: Will you supply any food during the flight?

A: We don’t supply food, but you can bring snacks. Or we can help you get a meal or snacks before boarding (although you will responsible for the purchase).

Q: What happens if I have luggage to carry onboard the plane?

A: We carry your luggage throughout the trip.

Senior Flying Companions

Senior Travel Assistance

Q: What happens if my flight is late?

A: All of our Flying Companions will give periodic cell phone or email updates to your designated friend or family member during the trip. We will also keep that person informed of any significant flight changes. If your flight is canceled or seriously delayed, we will make arrangements to deal with those changes.

Q: Where do you travel?

A: Anywhere in the world except destinations that the United States government has declared unsafe for United States citizens.

Q: Could you accompany me throughout an entire vacation?

A: Yes. We can accompany you on a single flight or an entire vacation.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yes. Flying Companions LLC holds General Liability Insurance that covers all of our travel companions.

Q: Do you have references?

A: Yes. We have references that we can provide upon request. In the meantime, please read the testimonials from our past and current clients and the press coverage that we have received.

Q: Can you accompany children?

A: We can accompany children 5 years and older who are meeting a parent or family member at the airport.

Q: Do you provide medical assistance?

A: We are not nurses or healthcare professionals and therefore cannot provide medical assistance.

Q: Is this service only for seniors and persons with disabilities?

A: No. We travel with children, persons with travel anxiety, and persons who simply don't want to travel alone.

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