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Seniors Keep Traveling with Flying Companions

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - Flying Companions LLC offers a service to help seniors - or persons who need a little extra assistance - remain independent and traveling by air. Flying Companions provides an experienced and insured companion to travel with the client from any national or international commercial airport and helps the senior through the entire airport process and the flight.

The company was started to allow seniors and persons who need a little extra assistance the freedom to continue to fly without fear. The service allows seniors to reunite with family and friends worldwide for holidays, weddings and other special occasions.

“As the population continues to age we believe there is a great demand for seniors to remain independent and continue to travel,” says Doug Iannelli, president of Flying Companions LLC. “Our service takes the stress out of flying for the senior and removes layers of stress for many family members who can’t take off time from work to visit the senior. Instead, we fly the senior to visit them.”

Flying Companions Service includes:

  • Research airfares and make travel arrangements.
  • Escort client from the departure airport to the designated destination.
  • Handle wheelchair assistance.
  • Coordinate airport check-in and carry onboard luggage.
  • Guide client through an expedited security checkpoint.
  • Provide client with access to an airline lounge while waiting to board.
  • Assist during boarding.
  • Provide onboard amenities (a pillow, games, and a DVD player with movies).
  • Assist with connecting flights and handle any travel changes.
  • Assist with bathroom trips.
  • Retrieve luggage at baggage claim.
  • Keep friends or family members informed by phone or email during the trip.

Flying Companions LLC brings families and friends together no matter how far apart they may live and accomplishes this by providing exceptional service and comfort to the senior. For more information about Flying Companions, please visit the company website at or call toll-free 1-888-350-8886.

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